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Millionaire Lifestyle

Utilizing our personal empowerment and success mastery resources,

 you can apply the winning strategies to attain everything you desire...

and earn 700% return on your one-time joining fee again and again!


Four Freedoms

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is well known for this great line of wisdom:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will

just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is the foundational concept behind both the product and the compensation plan of MX7. You truly can have everything you want, just by helping enough other people get what they want. And what other people really want are these four freedoms:

Health freedom . . . optimum wellness condition.

Emotional freedom . . . harmony of mind and spirit.

Time freedom . . . living at a self-regulated pace.

Financial freedom . . . enjoying abundant affluence.

When you introduce the  MILLIONIZER  product  to  individuals  looking to  improve  their  lives, you are giving them the opportunity to create for themselves these four freedoms. You are helping them get what they really want. This is a win-win-win scenario. This is the reason why MX7 was created --- to help every person win.

For you to become rich in all areas of your life --- physical, financial, career, business, relationships (we teach you ten specific areas) --- we believe that you first need to create a solid personal foundation upon which you can build your success.

However, before you can be an empowered life champion, you must develop a success consciousness. Our MILLIONIZER product assists you in cultivating this winning mindset by guiding you to construct a firm platform upon which you can attain the lifestyle of a successful individual.

The main difference between an empowered individual and a person who struggles in life is what they know and how they apply this knowledge in their everyday endeavors. The champion practices a wealth building system of strategies and principles that develops a winning mindset and practically guarantees successful results.

MX7 gives you access to a wealth building system of strategies and principles via the MILLIONIZER product that enables you to apply this knowledge and build your winning mindset.




The major product of MX7 is

700 daily 'MILLIONIZER' videos


Every day for the next 700 DAYS you have access to the

most inspiring, the most dynamic, the most empowering videos.


You will receive one new MILLIONIZER video EVERY DAY!

The video is sent to you as part of a daily webpage, each one unique

and exclusive to MX7, as shown on this reduced-size screenshot below.




 The webpage is designed to facilitate increased learning and

enhance the successful character traits of our members.

 As well as each day's unique MILLIONIZER video, included within

every webpage is an interesting Word of the Day plus an

intellectual thought provoking Quotation of the Day and

a Passage of Text that relates to that day's video with

further success strategies and achievement principles.

Empowering 'MX7 MILLIONIZER' videos

created exclusively for you!

The daily videos are created by

the founder of MillionaireX7

--- James Lee Valentine ---

and produced in-house by our team

of experienced technical staff.

This makes them EXCLUSIVE

to members of MX1 and MX7.

(MX1 has 100 videos while MX7

has 700 videos as its product)


All are created for your PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT

and FINANCIAL MASTERY so that you are guided to

attain GREATER SUCCESS within all areas of your life.

Here is a selection of the inspiring topics covered

within the constantly changing, forever uplifting

and always motivating MILLIONIZER videos:


Self Esteem

Goal Setting

Self Motivation

Positive Thinking

Law of Attraction

Self Improvement

Wealth and Money

Time Management

Achieving Success

Spirituality and God

Family and Lifestyle

Health and Wellness

Career and Business

Love and Relationships

Education and Learning

Prosperity and Abundance

 Inspiration and Empowerment

All of the materials we create are designed to

help YOU accomplish the most from YOUR life!

The MILLIONIZER videos are just a few minutes each

--- designed for instant viewing and fast results ---

and are one of your DAILY steps to greatness!

All this --- and your chance for financial

freedom --- for less than a dollar a day!

What is the cost of the daily MILLIONIZER related to its value?

Well, with MX7, the short answer is each MILLIONIZER costs only one dollar a day. That is the monetary cost to the member who pays $700 for 700 days of products. The cost to the MillionaireX7 corporation is close to $50 for each MILLIONIZER to be produced, which is $35,000 for the entire 700 days program. The videos are developed in India at over $30 per individual video, then each one needs adding to the html webpage, which in itself needs creating with new images, words, quotations and passages of text for each day. In addition, each MILLIONIZER has its own autoresponder email which is sent on a daily basis to the member. Each needs creating, critiquing, approving and adding to the product delivery systems. So, per each individual MILLIONIZER, while the cost to the company is around fifty dollars per day, the member gets a bargain at just a dollar a day.

Now, as to the actual value of the MILLIONIZER for any particular member, this is harder to quantify. The daily MILLIONIZER is designed to help the member perceive his or her circumstances in a more favorable light. It is created to educate and stimulate and empower the viewer into making decisions and taking actions to improve his or her life. What that value is in actuality is different for every person who receives the MILLIONIZER on a daily basis. But you can rest assured, that seven hundred daily inputs of enlightenment and education and empowerment has tremendous value indeed, especially if applied and acted upon as part of a systematic approach to life improvement.

And what about the MILLIONIZER being a fully DIGITAL product, does that detract from its value? To answer this question, let's ask another: Is the value of a book or coaching manual in the paper it is printed on or is the value in the words? Well, if you were given a book with no words on its pages, you would agree that it didn't have much worth (outside of it being a notebook). The value of any book is in its words, not so much in the paper it is printed on. Therefore a digital product has just as much value as an old-fashioned tangible product. Perhaps the digital product actually has more value in the sense that it can be downloaded instantly from literally anywhere worldwide and read or viewed on multiple mobile platforms. That's higher technology adding ever greater value to digital products as this 'Information Century' unfolds.



The clock is ticking on your life . . .

MX7 can help you attain your freedom!

CAREER COMPANION: The MILLIONIZER program is a companion that benefits your existing career, because you can join just to avail of the success education and personal empowerment, in conjunction with your regular profession. However, you also have the opportunity to conduct the MillionaireX7 home business, if you so desire, and earn extra income.




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