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JAMES LEE VALENTINE is known as The Man of Power! From England, he is an empowering author, dynamic speaker and inspired creator of the wealth mastery Empowered Millionaire Institute. James Lee Valentine is also the author of more than 60 POWER series books based on his own unique mix of financial empowerment and personal development. Learn his success secrets and be financially empowered for life!

The powerful teachings of James Lee Valentine have already transformed thousands of lives in many different countries.

James Lee Valentine


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This image shows just a few of the foreign language editions of the POWER books of James Lee Valentine that have been published in 15 countries: United Kingdom, Russia, India, Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Israel, Nigeria, Belarus, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Egypt.


Here are some testimonies:

"Mr. Valentine, your disposition is so contagious. Now, I look at everyday a a new beginning, a birthday celebration, just like what you taught us."  ~ Esther P. Magleo, President, UniOil Inc. (Philippines)

"The seminar you conducted here in India is truly amazing. You have the innate capacity to activate the fires of positive desire in people, and help them bring out the best in themselves. We all are looking forward to your returning and empowering us once more."  ~ Sunil Chotrani, India

"Mr. Valentine, your paramount book about 'discovering the total energy' is giving me power to continue my life. In order to be a champion on my total purpose of life, I need to win the doubts and fears of other persons. Your book has been the medicine to my soul." ~ Elisabeth Maria de Souza Camilo, Brazil

"Mr. Valentine, I picked up one of your POWER books while I was on vacation. I loved it and found it very inspiring. If the other books are as empowering as the one I just read, I would love to start a collection." ~ Myra Jacobs, U.S.A.

"Dear James, I just completed reading your power packed book PURE POWER. I am highly inspired by this book. Thanks for providing such a mind nourishing and inspirational piece of work to motivate those of us who depend on such sources of vital information to motivate us to take responsibility for our existence, survival and success. Personally I have encountered a lot of challenges, and still encounter challenges in life. Remaining focused and positive during such difficult times has been made possible through the dependence on such sources of inspiration. I owe it to inspirational people like you – the prophets of our generation." ~ Jacob Tetteh, Ghana

"James Lee Valentine for me is the Success Coach of the 21st Century. When I applied his Empowered Millionaire Volumes 1-2-3 in my business it increased my profit by 100%. I am so convinced that his Empowered Millionaire Success Systems will surely change how you think and speak and act towards success, happiness and significance. And it will help you change your life in many ways you never dreamed possible." ~ Lambert Flores, Philippines

"James Lee Valentine, I have read your book MLM POWER. It is marvelous! It really empowers people in the network marketing industry. It is life transformational!" ~ Richard Kwok, Singapore

"James, I have been reading your books MLM POWER and PURE POWER… very strong and burning. I believe that all of the readers will be motivated because your books are very inspiring. Now I'm just waiting your next book in Indonesian book store so please tell the publisher to speed up (he he he). These are once again great books that you are writing and I look forward to getting your next book. PURE POWER is one of the best and most valuable books I have ever read." ~ Hari Subagya, Indonesia

"Mr. Valentine, I just want to say thank you for your books, particularly for the ULTIMATE PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT which I read and it got me on course with my life again. Thank you for the good work you are doing for humanity." ~ Elena Gavrilova, Russia

"Dear Sir, it has been my extreme pleasure to recently read a copy of your excellent book PURE POWER published in our country. The words are so inspiring and the energy level of your writing is so high. This book has really helped me to understand my life's purpose so much better than before. All parts of my life are now improving as I apply the many positive principles that you expound. Thank you... and more power to you!" ~ Albert Kaufmann, Czech Republic

"I am writing to thank you for making a difference in my life. Your POWER books have inspired me to attain my aspirations. I love reading everything in the books. Thank you again , Mr. Valentine, for inspiring people like me." ~ Veronica Lim, Malaysia

"Mr. Valentine, I have read your book PURE POWER. So I send you this message, because I want to express my thanks for your tips in the book and the experiences shared by you. Before I was so worried about my life, but after I've read your book my life has many changes and I am more confident now. Once again thank you." ~ Quocvu Trieu, Vietnam

"Dear Mr. Valentine, I would like to thank you very much for your very inspiring masterpiece. I love your writing style. You are my favorite author because you know how to make the reader feel alive with every word you write. Thank you again and more power to you!" ~ Cheryl Jones, England

"James Lee Valentine is truly an impressive author and speaker. Whether it's written or spoken, his words are life transforming. It's amazing how he does it - very naturally and powerfully. Keep up the excellent work señor! ~ Francisco C. Gomez, Spain

"Dear Mr. Valentine, I just read two of your POWER books: THE POWER OF CHOICE and THE POWER OF ACTION. Your books are great. They are something I was looking for, searching for my whole life. I like your books; they are positive, brief, direct to the point, and very motivating. I just had a very severe crisis, a tragedy. Your books helped me greatly in facing the situation with grace and courage. They gave me direction and a clear path on what to do next as far as self-talk and attitude is concerned." ~ Myra Gavino, Philippines

"Mr. Valentine, the exceptional message in PURE POWER is in fact a God-send through you. This book has really transformed my whole life; spiritually & physically. Many of your books are my favorite inspirational books, making me one with you through them." ~ Larry Wilkinson, U.S.A.

"James, a very very big thank you for your amazing and incredibly powerful books. I thank you for the many invaluable precepts contained in your books... and I really did learn a lot. Your books are truly a smashing success!" ~ Amanda Harris, Canada

"Hi James, I decided to e-mail to you because I have read your POWER books. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was reborn because every word in your books seems to possess an unexplainable power and it really did some miracle. I was so amazed by your words. It was like you were really talking to me personally. I would like to take this great opportunity to thank you with my whole heart. You are really an asset to mankind and I really look up to you because in spite of all the goodness you have you just seem to be so humble in every way. Thank you James, you gave me a second chance to live. More power to you." ~ Kenneth Simmons, Hawaii